Let’s Get Harry (1986)

Directed by Alan Smithee. Starring Michael Schoeffling, Glenn Frey, Thomas F. Wilson, Robert Duvall, Gary Busey, Rick Rossovich, Elpidia Carrillo, Mark Harmon, Gregory Sierra, Guillermo Ríos, Ben Johnson, Matt Clark. [R]

Colombian rebels attack a water pipeline and take American engineer Harmon hostage, which infuriates his brother and friends back home enough to take action (namely, recruit a merc played by Duvall to take them into the lion’s den to rescue the poor guy). Dumb comic book-style action yarn has a preposterous script and is poorly made; par for the course for just about any movie credited to “Alan Smithee,” which, in this case, represents Stuart Rosenberg. A handful of “names” in the cast may entice curious viewers, but there’s nothing remotely special about the performances, and the characters are disappointingly banal (except, of course, for Busey playing a Busey-esque car dealer who finances the operation and insists on going along!); the single best bit of acting actually belongs to Frey, who is able to convincingly hide his disappointment when he handles cocaine that’s just a prop. Scenes of captive Harmon (looking lost) were shot against the director’s wishes—hence the pseudonym—and sprinkled into the mix, but they’re pointless since the character is never developed beyond living-breathing-Macguffin. Next time, send in the A-Team.